Hi there!

The Instamic Remote Application on iOS and Android allows you to:

  • HOME PAGE - Select the 3 main configurations of Instamic
  • CONNECT PAGE - Remote control up to 10 Instamic at the same time with the multi-control panel
  • CAPTURE PAGE - Remote control and monitor each microphone individually (input gain, VU meter, LEDs on-off, Time-code, rename, etc.)
  • SETTINGS PAGE - Configure each microphone (auto-gain, recording mode, sample rate, hands-free profile mode, sleep mode, rename, format, power it off, etc.)
  • AUDIO / VIDEO CAPTURE PAGE - Shoot video within the app with real-time 48kHz audio monitoring.

Instamic Remote Menu in Audio recorder and Bluetooth Microphone Mode.

Instamic Remote Menu in Wireless Microphone Mode.

Let me show you how each function works :)


How do you want to use your Instamic today?

  1. Audio Recorder - Remote control up to 10 units and record uncompressed audio onboard
  2. Wireless Microphone - Take advantage of our 48kHz audio codec to shoot video and audio in-app
  3. Bluetooth Microphone - Transform Instamic into a Bluetooth microphone compatible with 3rd party apps or hardware (Filmic Pro, ProCamera, Insta360 Cameras, etc.) thanks to the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile.

Tap on the configuration icon to select the mode you need and press ok.


This page allows you to manage all Instamic available, remote control them individually or together with the multi-control panel.

Connect individually

Tap on each Instamic to connect to it

Multi control panel

All units are locked together

Note 1.  When in Wireless or Bluetooth Microphone mode, it is possible to control and connect to one Instamic at a time.


This page allows you to take control of each Instamic individually.


This page allows you to configure your Instamic for your specific needs.

* 32-bit Float Point recording mode is only available on the Instamic Pro Plus

* 24-bit Stereo and M/S is only available on the Instamic Pro Stereo and Instamic Pro Plus Stereo


When Instamic is configured as a Wireless Microphone, the Capture page allows you to capture video or audio from our app directly to your phone.

Happy Recording!

Michele and the Instamic Team :-)