We are excited to add this new feature to our iOS mobile users.

Let's start

1. Make sure that the Instamic Remote app is up to date. Login into the Apple Store to update it.

2. Make sure that your Instamic's firmware is up to date (1.3.2 and up). Here is the upgrading procedure.

3. Launch Instamic Remote. Select Audio Recorded and press OK.

4. Tap to connect to your Instamic.

5. Go to Settings and Enable the Save Monitoring Session option.

6. Go to the Capture Page and tap on Monitor

The application will prompt you to pair your Instamic on the iOS Settings if a Bluetooth Classic connection is not established.

7. In that case, go to the iOS Bluetooth Settings of your iDevice and pair Instamic.

If it was already paired, forget the device and re-pair to be sure that Instamic is using the proper Bluetooth profile.

Two connections should be available and paired. Instamic BLE to trigger the unit and Instamic to stream the audio from Instamic to the phone (if you have renamed Instamic, the second connection will have the same name of your device's name. In this example it is "Instamic Pro").

8. Go back to Instamic Remote and tap on Monitor on the Capture Page

You can now listen in real-time what you are capturing and saving to your mobile device at the same time! 

Cool, right?! :)

9. Once you have stopped your monitoring session, launch the native iOS Files App.

Tap on On my iDevice.

Tap on the Instamic Remote folder to access your takes.

10. You can now listen to your take, edit it, send it to your favorite app, and share it on-the-go!

#happysharing #wearestorytellers

Michele and the Instamic Team


1. I don't see any folder or file on the Files App 

- The Instamic Remote folder is created when the monitoring session is completed

- Turn the Save Monitoring Session off and back on

- Go to the iOS Bluetooth Settings, Forget the Device (Instamic) and pair it again

- Go to the Instamic Remote Settings under the iOS Settings and enable the Document Storage option

2. I cannot hear the sound from Instamic on my mobile device

- Make sure to turn the silent mode off on the phone.

- Turn the volume of your mobile device up.

3. I am not able to monitor or listen to any sound from Instamic on my mobile device

- Turn off your Apple Watch before loading the Instamic Remote App to monitor.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@instamic.io.

Happy streaming,

Michele Baggio

Instamic CEO and videographer.