Here is how to use Instamic as an external wireless microphone on Windows (Hands-Free Profile Mode).

Once configured, you will be free to move around and do meetings, training lessons or yoga classes, hands-free :-)

Let's start

1. Make sure that your Instamic is running at least on firmware 1.2.73 (Basic and Pro) or on 2.0.37 (Pro Plus

2. Launch the Instamic Remote application and connect to your Instamic.

3. Choose Bluetooth Microphone on the Home Page and press OK.

4. Enable the audio streaming on the Capture Page.

Note You will be prompted to pair Instamic to your mobile phone. It is not needed since we will pair it with your Windows computer.

5. Let's jump on Windows.

Go to Start / Settings / Devices and Bluetooth & other devices

Press the + button to Add Bluetooth or other devices

6. Click on Bluetooth

7. Wait for Instamic to show up. Make sure to select Instamic with the Headphones icon.

8. Instamic is connected and ready to be used as an external Bluetooth microphone.

9. If you want to make Instamic your default microphone, go to Settings / System / Sound and choose it from the Input drop menu.

10. You are now able to use Instamic during your Zoom meeting, Skype Calls, Live Streams, etc.

For any further questions, we are happy to help at


Michele and The Instamic Team