Here is how to use Instamic as an external wireless microphone on macOS using the Hands-Free Profile Mode (16kHz).

If you want to take advantage of our 48kHz high-quality streaming codec, please follow this procedure.

Let's start

1. Launch the Instamic Remote application.

2. Choose Bluetooth Microphone on the Home Page and tap OK.

3. Tap to Connet and check that your Instamic is in Hands-Free Profile Mode.

4. Go to the Capture Page (Microphone Icon) and enable the audio streaming by pressing the O button on the unit or Enable Streaming from our app.

5. Turn the Bluetooth On on your macOS computer and connect to Instamic. 

6. Select Instamic as your input audio source

7. Select Internal Speakers or Headphones as your output audio source

8. Instamic is your default macOS input source that you can use on any conference call, audio, speech-to-text applications, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE Most of Apple's computers don't support the Wide Speech Band (WBS) feature that supports 16kHz audio. It is very dependent on the Bluetooth module mounted on your machine.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy streaming,

Michele Baggio

Instamic CEO and videographer.