Does your Instamic go back to standby mode after you started recording?

The app says Measuring and it gets back to Record?

We highly recommend keeping your Instamic's memory as clean as possible every time you are about to start a production day.

From version 1.2.7 on iOS / Android and firmware version 1.2.95 (Oct 2021 release), we have introduced a new feature to format the internal memory directly from our Instamic Remote mobile app. We highly recommend using this feature.

If you are formatting the internal memory from your computer make sure to set the Allocation Unit Size to 64Kb.

If your Instamic is running on firmware 1.2.92 or older, we recommend following the procedures below:

  • Every time you delete a file make sure to empty the trash bin before ejecting your Instamic.
  • Format the internal memory using the default Format option on Windows or the Disk Utility application on macOS. Format FAT16/32.

How to Format the internal memory


Load the Disk Utility Application under Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility

Select Instamic, Press Erase, Format MS-DOS (FAT), and Erase.

A secure erase is recommended (under Security Options). It requires 20 to 30mins.


Open the Windows Finder, Select Instamic under your Devices, right-click and choose Format.

We recommend to de-select the Quick Format Option (it requires 20 to 30mins).

Happy Formatting!

The Instamic Team

Happy recording :-)