If you are wondering how much you will pay in import duties, here is an article that may help you.

Every country has its own rates to import goods from abroad.

Easyship provides detailed information for each country in the world.


Let's make an example if I am ordering Instamic from the United Kingdom.

On the Shipping Method Page, Shopify alerts you that Taxes and duties are due on delivery. Tax handling fees may apply.

To have an estimate you can check on Easyship's page the fees that may occurs.

In the UK the VAT is at 20% and import duties on Camera Accessories with battery are at 4% (recently raised at 10%).

You can sign up to get an estimation from Easyship (it is a free service).

In the case you have ordered an Instamic Pro Stereo at 189USD the total would be around 38.8USD VAT (that can be deducted if you have a business) and 7.56USD in Import duties.

Pricing model explained

It is important to understand that the end customer pays the additional import duties on any device he/she might order.

I will make an example from a well-know company to better explain why.

If you order a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 in Europe, the final price would be 149 Euros (168 USD at the current exchange rate).

If you order a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 in the USA, the final price would be 129 USD.

The 40USD difference allows the company to absorb the import duties and VAT and the end customer pays for that.

In our example the total fees to import Instamic to the UK was around 45USD.

Considering the higher value of 189USD on Instamic compared to the 129USD, our math make sense, right?

And we should never forget that Instamic is a tiny tiny startup, DJI is a multi billionaire corporate.

I hope it helps

Kind regards,

Michele Baggio

Instamic CEO