Hi Instamicers,

Here is the procedure to hard reset your Instamic in case:

a. Your Instamic doesn't boot up.

b. It is not recognized by your computer or mobile device.


1. Make sure that Instamic is low on battery (wait 12 hours with Instamic disconnected to be on the safe side).

2. Plug our USB cable into the Instamic's USB connector (connector B).

3. On the other end of the USB cable (connector A), create a shortcut between pin 1 and 4 on the USB connector with a tweezer or any metallic conductor.

4. Load the Instamic Firmware Upgrade App on macOS or Windows

The applications are attached at the bottom of these articles for the Basic and Pro and Pro Plus

5. Connect Instamic using our USB cable.

until6. Wait until Instamic boots up and shows the battery charging.